Wednesday, June 28, 2017

More Dirt Bag.

My legs and heart weren't feeling up to beat down that usually is TNR so when the opportunity arose to bug out of work a bit early I took it.  Once again the wind was whipping, this time out of the South.  I decided on doing a combination of a couple of Dirt Bag routes.  The nice thing about the Dirt Bag routes are they are sheltered a bit and make several turns, thus I'm not beating down into the wind till it's time to turn for home.

The legs were mighty heavy and sluggish at the start.  They eventually did come around but they aren't "fresh" by any means!  I was unable to spin on the bike Monday (after the MTB race on Sunday) which really helps my legs come around faster.

Once past Clear Water I finally hit gravel and could settle into my pace.  Having ridden this course, or versions of it, so many times I can totally zone out.  That's exactly what I did.  The Garmin was on the Map page and I just pushed the pedals at whatever pace felt good.  I didn't really have a time crunch and I brought lights so I was ready.

I thought a hydration pack with 70oz of water and two bottles would be enough as it was cooler out but I needed to stop at Lantos (gas station) in French Lake and once again at a park in St. Augusta to top off the bottles.

The lights came in handy as I didn't make it home till 9:15.  The sky was threatening rain but I missed it.  It started to rain shortly after I made it home.   Ended with 107 miles in 6 hours 22 minutes.
Jen and I are meeting with an electrician at our house this early morning.  I hoped to get an hour mountain bike ride in after, prior to work, but it's been raining pretty steadily of awhile.  Maybe the road bike if things dry out.

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