Friday, June 23, 2017

Not as Planned.

The weather has been so sporadic lately that when I went to bed Wednesday night I fully anticipated I'd be riding Thursday morning despite the forecast for rain.  I was wrong and they were right, it rained.  So instead of riding I shuttled the kids to and from swim team practice, went to Target, got Brinna to and from gymnastics, and hit up the Lemonade Art Fair with the kids.  Once I got Harper down for nap (I may have snoozed a bit myself) I geared up for a ride.

I opted for the Evergreen and headed for the Dirt Bag route.  With the rain, the gravel was a bit soft but not bad.  The wind was mostly out of the west but manageable.  I was on a bit of a time crunch as Avery had a track meet I needed to get to so I kept the pace up.  On a section of gravel prior to turning onto Deerwood Road they must of recently laid fresh gravel.  Even with 42mm tires I was pizza cutting so hard...that hurt.
I made it home with a 3 hour ride, jumped in the shower, and raced over to Apollo for the track meet.

I may try out the North Loop tonight after work to check on our trail work and how it's drying up after the rain.  Saturday I work as well and hope to get a few hours on the bike before hand but man I want to sleep in!  Then it's race day here in St. Cloud on Sunday!  It will be nice to have that pressure done and out of the way for the summer.

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