Monday, June 26, 2017

Single Track Escape.

We survived another (our 12th I think) race weekend!  Revolution's Single Track Escape was this past Sunday.  While there is a lot of stuff that needs to happen prior to the event the major haul of work happens race day and couldn't be done without people volunteering their time on a weekend, thank you!

Because of the volunteers I am able to race.  Once again I opted for marathon, as many laps as you can do in 4 hours.  Having ridden a lot the past two weeks without much rest I knew my legs were tired.  I went in with the attitude of just riding at my pace.  At the start however I did push myself to get a good spot into the single track.  I ended up first with two riders on my heels.  At the first passing lane I let them pass and attempted to ride with them.  They were much better than I in the tight single track so they slowly rode away from me.  At the start of the 2nd lap I drilled the open field and ski trail section to catch back up to the two leaders.  It worked but I was pretty gassed so again they walked away from me in the single track.  This is when I remembered I wanted to ride my race!  I eased up and had a blast!

I fell to 4th place at one point but the 3rd place rider seemingly disappeared.  Later in the lap counts I could see I was coming up on Nate, who was sitting in 2nd.  We rode together a bit but I kept my comfort pace and lost Nate in lap traffic.  I never saw the 1st place guy, Matt Abel, mostly because he had 8 minutes on me!  That guy flew through the single track!
I was stoked to have ended up 2nd (8 laps) and had a great time doing so.  I absolutely loved the Deadwood.  Once the technical sections opened up half way through our race the bikes capabilities really stood out.  What a great machine!

I am a bit sore today, both the legs and back.  It's up in the air what I will have time for this afternoon.  I should mow and Avery has another track meet.  Sneaking in a short spin may be tricky.

Happy Monday.

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