Monday, June 12, 2017

The End.

Well I was wrong about feeling better.  Near the end of the day at Valleyfair my stomach started to get twisted.  I thought it was the rides but turns out it was just another phase in the ManFlu.  Thus the weekend was not spent riding as I hoped.  It still was good however.  Brinna had a friend party on Saturday and Sunday the other grandparents and my sister and her family came over.  Yeah Birthday's are a thing over here.
I set out all my riding gear last night thinking I may get up and ride this morning but when 5 hit I convinced myself 2 hours more of sleep would do me better than two hours of riding.  While the sleep was great by neck is now tweaked, WTF!  So hopefully tonight I get out for a spin.  My new mountain bike shows up today but not sure I'll have time today to build it.  I suppose I should do so sooner than later so I can get at least one ride on it before Chequamagon 100 this weekend.

Eight days off the bike is enough.  Tonight I ride...

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