Thursday, June 22, 2017

Trail Work, Rain, and a Ride?

As much as I like to get a spin in the day after a hard effort I just didn't have time yesterday.  I could have gotten up early to get a spin in but I didn't get to bed close to midnight and that would have left me more depleted.  So it was get the kids to swim team practice and off to work to get an early start on repairs.
After work it was over to the North Loop for a few hours of trail work.  The course is ready for race day this coming Sunday!  We had a solid crew, enough to get all the equipment in use!

I'm off today from work so the plan was to get out early for a long ride and bring the kids to the Lemonade Art Fair later.  But I woke up to rain, blah.  Although we do need it and this should make the course almost perfect for Sunday.  I'll still shoot for a ride sometime today but the kids have a pretty full schedule and Jen is gone.  Living with my folks is a huge help with this!  Maybe we will never move out!

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