Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Attack of the Flies.

This past weekend I biked up to and home form Jen's folks cabin.  It was the ride home that was memorable.  It was an East wind so I opted to head over to Onamia on the Soo Line Trail (ATV Trail) and start heading South through Mille Lacs County.  I've taken this route, or versions of it, in the past but I never really deviated from it.  This time, however, I took a few turns onto roads that ran through a wildlife refuge.  They were gaited to keep motorized vehicles out.  Man was it cool!  Had I had more time I would have done some more exploring.  It's almost worth a drive up sometime and starting biking there.  The down side were the horse/deer flies.  I felt I was in a version of Hitchcock's The Birds.  I've never experienced them that bad.  Nonetheless it was super cool and I hope to make it back.  I saw a sign about overnight camping starting in September but could stop to check it out due to the ferocious bugs.

The rides to and from the cabin put me over 27 hours on the week.  The legs are feeling good.  I'm getting excited for The DAMn ride in August.

Last night I headed to the North Loop for a few laps.  The first two laps were like riding in a sauna but a front moved through on the 3rd.  The temperature dropped, wind picked up, and the clouds thickened to the point lights would have been nice!  It didn't start to rain for a few hours so I stayed dry but cool!  Even though it's the North Loop I had a blast.  Loving the mountain bike this year!

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