Thursday, July 13, 2017

Bunk Carbon and Cool Weather.

Nothing note worthy from my ride yesterday other than I miscalculated time and got home a bit later than planned but still made it to work on time.  All road miles: Palmer, Duelm, Little Rock Lake Road, Little Rock Lake, River Road and Home...3 hours 15 minutes.

Work was busy in a good way so the day and evening flew by.  I started around 7:30 working on my Evergreen.  I noticed the rear wheel was wobbly the last time I road and the PFBB was starting the noice machine thing so I figured I'd stay late and give it some love.  I trued the wheel without the tire on and it seemed fine, not great, but fine.  After patching a hole in the tire and new tubeless tape I put the tire back on.  Under pressure the carbon rim started making some weird noises.  I put back in the truing stand and it was warped like a single wall rim.  Ugh.  I started to true the wheel but realized it was just a section of the rim that was almost like "bubbling" out.  Double ugh.  I guess that's why I have two wheel sets.  On with the Hed wheels!  They have the 42mm Teravail Tires on but oh well.  Not sure if I'll be able to warranty the rims or not.  Not sure I'm sold on carbon rims.

Yesterday was warm and thick, this morning it's 58 topping out in the lower 60's.  While Saturday is mid 90's and humid.  Ah Minnesota, you give it all.

I'm off today and the family is gone.  So yep may as well ride.  I contemplated going to Cuyuna but every time I think about going I convince myself to ride from home.  So the newly cleaned Evergreen will go search out some gravel roads to the North.

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