Monday, July 31, 2017

Centuries, Family Rides, and Sun.

Another good weekend was had.  Saturday I planned on a 2-3 hour ride, I just wasn't sure what kind of ride I was going to do.  Friday I was asked by two people to ride on Saturday.  I was actually wanting to ride with others and the weather was going to be great so I was in, despite the fact we were going 100 miles.  Yeah it was bit more than planned but it was damn fun and I'm glad I went.

We half attempted to hit Darwin and The Biggest Ball of Twine but we missed it by 6 miles.  We were already over our turn around distance so bailed on that idea.  While the wind wasn't strong it was strong enough that the tailwind on the way home was amazing!
The sun was out in full force and it was a tad on the warm side.  Slowly (or not so slowly) our jersey's started to show the effects of the heat...salt stains!
Ended with 111miles in 5.5 hours.  I felt so, so much better than the 100 on Thursday.  It was nice to end on a positive note!  Up next The DAMn.

Sunday Jen, my Dad, two of the kids (Brinna and Harper), and I did a mini bike tour around town.  Basically followed the Mississippi River up to Sauk Rapids and back on the other side.  We hit up the newish bike path by the convention center that the kids haven't been on yet.  Of course we had to stop at a playground for a bit and an Icee near the end!
I later went out for a short MTB spin at the North Loop, about an hour.  Total on the week was a bit over 21 hours.  I was shooting for 18 so not too far off I guess.
This week will be rest days or 1-2 hour rides.  I'll head to Gary, SD sometime Friday afternoon for the  start of The DAMn at midnight.

Happy Week.

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