Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dirt for the Win.

I was prepared to ride TNR yesterday.  I brought the road bike and all needed gear to work.  But, per usual this year, I wasn't "feeling" it.  Add in overcast skies with a chance of rain, humidity, heat, and a stiff southern wind and I was out.  Instead I brought home a new bike for Harper.  She had been riding a bike that both her sisters had used and struggled to make it's seen better days.  Instantly she was much better on the new bike.  New bike day is always a good day!

I did get out for a ride myself as well, but on the mountain bike.  I've really been digging mountain biking lately.  I hit up parts of Talahi Woods, River Bluffs, Plum Creek, 10th Street Quarries, and The North Loop.  For a town that doesn't have "a lot" of trails I pieced together a bit over 3 hours, which could have easily been pushed to 4 or more by hitting up Quarry Park and Sand Prairie.  Overall I had a great time.

I have the itch to get to Milaca and check out the trails there.  I used to hit those up once a week or so back in the day.  But now they don't see much use as the Cities Folk have so many of their own trails out their backdoor.  Milaca is mountain biking.  It'll beat you up and leave you with Buckthorn cuts all over your arms.  No manicured trails here!
But on the flip side I want to hit up Cuyuna as well.  While the trails are much more maintained it's still a good time.  Plus I've yet to set foot in my buddies shop, Red Raven.  So much to do before summers end!

I'd like to bike tonight after work and dinner with the lights but Jen is gone and the girls hinted at wanting to go to Summertime By George (outside music festival every Wednesday).  So going with the flow.

Happy Midweek!

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Galen Murray said...

Milaca was pretty rough around the 4th when I was there. Not sure if anyone is maintaing them.