Wednesday, July 05, 2017


I had a mini vacation over the 4th, Saturday through Tuesday.  The time was spent between mine and Jen's parent's cabins.  I biked to the cabins and home from the cabins giving me 19 hours and almost 400 miles all on the Seven Evergreen.  Most of the riding was done on pavement but some gravel and MMR were tossed in as well.  Such a versatile bike!

Last week totaled 494 miles and 27 hours.  I plan on having a chill week, with hopefully more mountain biking but the weather is pretty unstable so we will see about thunderstorms, etc.  I've yet made it to Cuyuna or Duluth this summer to mountain bike.  Really hope I can make that happen soon.

I don't have any events on the calendar till August 5th (The DaMN (Day Across MN)) which is kind of nice.  I can just ride to ride.  One of my favorite mountain bike races, River Falls Border Battle is this coming Sunday.  I have to be onsite support for the Tour of Saints ride so I am unable to go, bummer.  Lake Rebecca is the following Sunday and I think they have the Marathon category so maybe.

The two older girls have their first summer swim meet tomorrow.  Despite being hot, humid, and loud in the swimming pool area I really like going to swim meets.  Pretty excited to go.

Yeah that's a lot of randomness tossed out there.
Stoked to get back to work.


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