Monday, July 24, 2017


I guess I wasn't much for posting last week.  Nonetheless stuff happened.
The biggest would be last Thursday.  It marked my 9 years of not drinking.  Like the past few years I celebrated with a "big" ride.  I left home on the Evergreen a bit after 6 am.  I was meeting Ted in French Lake around 8:45 so I took a bit less than direct route there.  After meeting up Ted had a route he created on mostly gravel roads, so we just followed the Garmin.  The fog and humidity were ridiculous.  By the time we met up I was already thoroughly soaked.

Near Watertown we met up with Dave as well.  It was nice to have some others to ride with for a bit.  About an hour later I decided I should start making my way for home.  Thus we parted ways.  I stopped in Delano to top off my fluids, grab a Coke, and a salty bag of Fritos.  I was already over 100 miles in.

We had come East quite a bit so I worked my way West and actually a bit more South to the Luce Line Trail.  I took that a short ways to Winsted and made my way North.  I did head back East eventually and hooked up with parts of the Dirt Bag course.  The humidity was still hanging on, although better, but the sun was now out trying to "cook" me.  I stopped in Maple Lake for another cold soda.
My last stop was a the Silver Creek/Hasty Truck Stop off the Dirt Bag route.  More water and Gatorade...getting hot!

I made it back to my folks at 197 miles in 11+ hours, about a 17.9 mph average.  I contemplated going another 3 miles but I was cooked and wasn't up to it.  Yeah I know, only 3 miles...but when your on the verge of full on heat stroke that can be a very long 3 miles!  Technically my plan for these rides is 20 miles for every year I was sober, so 180 was the true goal.  Mission accomplished!

The next day all 3 girls had play performances throughout the day.  I did get out for an easy mountain bike.  I was surprised how "ok" I felt.
Saturday Jen and I had a lunch with some friends from out of town at 1 so I got out for a 3.5 hour road ride prior.  After lots of Evergreen or mountain bike time the road bike sure felt zippy!  The rest of the day was looking a flooring and back splash samples...exciting.

Sunday my parents, my sister's boy, all my kids, plus Jen and I loaded up two cars with a tandem, a tag a long, and 6 bikes!  We drove to the start of the paved section of the Soo Line trail just North of Royalton.  We bike the almost 6 miles to Jordies Cafe for a late lunch and bike back.  It's always a good time.  We try to do this mini adventure once a year.
At home I jumped on the mountain bike for quick spin.

Ended the week with 21.5 hours and 326 miles.

The DAMn race is August 5th.  Maybe another 20 hour week, maybe less, than less the following.  Can't believe August is almost here.
Ah Summer flies by.

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