Thursday, July 06, 2017


We are in our first real hit of Summer and humid.  Upper 80's and high dew points are predicted for much of the week with a reprieve this weekend only to have it return next week.  I don't like doing work in this weather but I kind of like riding in it.  But I'm a sweater and sweat kills bike parts so I should really clean my bikes more!
After doing some measurements at the house for closets I set off on the mountain bike for the North Loop.  I only rode a bit over an hour and I was drenched with sweat.  The Loop is riding really well right now.  It's still in pretty good post race grooviness and the rain we've had has made it just the right amount of tacky.  Rail those corners.

No riding on tap for today.  Work and then the girls swim meet in Albertville.  Hoping for an early morning ride on Friday but that can easily be pushed to an afternoon ride depending on Family plans and my inability to get up early.

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