Monday, July 10, 2017

Weekend Recap.

I was without family on Saturday.  They were off to a cabin while I stuck around home as I had to work at the Tour of Saints on Sunday morning.  I had planned for a 3-4 hour ride on Saturday but with the weather about perfect I pushed it a bit more.

I took the road bike and headed South on county road 8, despite the wind being out of the W/NW.  I try to avoid doubling up on a route if I can, thus I went South.  I hit up Hurl Hill, The Alp, and Farming Hill.  Instead of continuing on our "hill" route I skipped the turn and kept on heading West.  At Spring Hill I headed North a bit.  At Greenwald (new town to me, I think) I turned back West a bit before heading North.  I was getting low on water so I made my way back East to a town I knew to have a gas station, New Munich.  

After a Coke and a top off of the fluids I continued back North across I94, past the Wobegon Trail (although I contemplated riding it) to County Road 17 which brought me through St. Rosa and Holdingford, where I jump on the River Street (The Holdingford Rollers).  I had to make another stop in St. Stephen for some more water (11 bottles total).

Ended with 143 miles in 7.5 hours of riding.  What a gorgeous day.
I had planned to work on the garage at our house but pushed that back till Sunday but still mowed.

Sunday the alarm went off a bit before 5.  I had to be out to St. Joseph before 6 for the start of the Tour of Saints.  I was there as mechanical support.  I did two minor repairs while everything else was,  "could you check my tire pressure?".  So much pumping!

The plan was to get a short ride in after the Tour (I was heading home before 9) and before Jen and the girls got home.  However the weather had other ideas and it started to rain around 8 and didn't stop till Jen and the girls got home.
We headed over to the house to clean out the garage.  For a single car garage we sure packed a lot of stuff in there!  3.5 hours later and we basically have it cleared out!

I was able to sneak in a ride around Briggs Lake rounding out the week totals to 313 miles and 18.5 hours.  More than I should have or planned on but oh well.

Not a bad weekend at all.
Even with the humidity and heat Summer is pretty damn good.

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