Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Case of the Blahs.

As The DAMn Race nears I find myself overcome with a case of the blahs.  And don't jump in and say I'm burnt out.  There is nothing I'd rather do than go for long rides, but racing on the other hand has become less and less desirable for me.  I'm sure once we start I'll have mostly fun and oddly enough I keep finding races that I want to sign up for.  I'm an odd one for sure!  Maybe it's just The DAMn I'm having these feelings about as the logistics for this race kind of suck.  It really puts Jen out there: getting me to Gary, SD, running a support vehicle to designated checkpoints we don't know where yet as we might cheat if we did?, and picking me up in Hagar City, WI.  What a cluster.  Oh yeah and the race starts at midnight...real convenient!

Nonetheless the race looms and is getting closer, 4 days out.  Having a lot of miles on my legs I'm taking this week pretty easy (maybe another reason I'm down on racing!).  I did get out for a 2 hour mountain bike ride yesterday evening...Sand Prairie, North Loop, and Friedrich Park.  Maybe if it was a mountain bike race coming up I'd be more stoked.  So much fun!

I do have some prep work to do on the Evergreen.  Not much, just a quick run through, remove the aero bars, and install the cue card holder (blah, cue cards suck).  I'll shoot for getting that done tonight and maybe a grocery store run for the race as well.  No TNR or any riding for me tonight.  Bummer as the TNR is doing a gravel edition, ugh.

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