Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Biking and Interbike.

Last week was another solid week of riding, a bit over 21 hours.  As such the legs are a bit tired.  Despite having the green light and the perfect mountain bike weather (cool with a fine mist) last night, I opted out of riding for rest.  I tentatively planned a night ride tonight but I'm half hoping rain moves in.  I'd actually take it off if I knew the weekend was going to be a rain out (currently looking so).  This week will be a "go with the flow" type of week.  If it works and moves me I'll ride.  Recovery is good too!

The bike industries big trade show in the United States is this week in Las Vegas.  This is so far removed from my radar.  I have most of my preseason orders for the 2018 season already done.  Plus we have most of the 2018 bikes in and on the sales floor already!  I haven't been to the Vegas and Interbike for over 12 years if not more.  I just don't see the point other than maybe a vacation and to geek out on bike stuff I will never carry in the store because it's so esoteric.  Plus many of the big boys (Cannondale, Trek, Giant, Specialized) and many of the smaller guys have their own "mini" shows months before Interbike.  Also Eurobike happened a few weeks ago or more spoiling many of the soon to be released products.  Good 'ol internet!

The shop is starting to get the Nordic Ski buzz.  I'm so not mentally ready for that.  I'm stoked to fat bike but ski...not so much.  I'm sure if we actually get some good snow this year I'll jump on the skis. But first I'll have to replace what was lost in the fire...blah.

Time to make some lunches.

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