Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I'm weak and went biking!

Big surprise...I ended up riding!  I had written off riding but the threat of rain a good chunk the rest of the week pushed me out the door.  I didn't get out till 7 so lights would be needed.  I headed over to the North Loop since the coming rain would limit my ability to mountain bike the rest of the week.  The trail was running great.  Even Twisted Sister had dried up from our previous rains.  Near the end of my first lap I had to turn on the lights.  The next lap I spooked several critters: raccoons, opossum, deer, owl, mice, and something I wasn't sure of as I only saw glimpses of it's back end.  I ended up doing 2.5 laps for a bit over 1.5 hours.  Perfect.

I had hoped to mountain bike this morning as well as the winds are to pick up early out of the W/NW.  Last night, however, we had two rounds of storms roll through dumping lots of water.  Looks like the road bike will get the nod.  Nothing crazy, maybe the Rice Loop since the River Road blocks lots of the wind on the way up.

The RiddleBox race in Sioux Falls is December 9th.  I've done it the past two years.  It's a great low key event with a smallish turn out.  It was announced yesterday that first place will get $1000!!!  That's pretty nuts.  I wonder how many more people this will bring out.  Not many like to race 100+ miles of gravel in December (in South Dakota!).  Prize money or not I plan on going.  I just hope the money doesn't change the vibe of the race.  I also wonder if that $1000 was spread out over the top 5 or so if it would entice more to come.

Time to shake the kids out of bed.

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