Tuesday, September 12, 2017

More Dirt!

I really wanted to ride mountain bike but I felt I should take a couple days off, at least.  But on my way to pick up Brinna from swim practice I decided it was just too nice out not to ride.  Plus it was my Birthday so I was entitled to a ride!

Over the weekend our trail hosted a high school mountain bike race.  About a 1000 racers!  I was excited to hit the trail up after that many riders blazed a path on our trails.  It was so nice!  We actually could use some rain.  It's getting a bit dusty.  Because it is so dry I was able to hit up a complete "Twisted Sister" a few times.  The section of Twisted Sister we use in the race course is fairly easy to navigate but the last section on the South side is a bit gnarly with tons of roots, rocks, and turns.  I finally made it through without dabbing....thank you Salsa Deadwood!

I don't think I ever just did a lap but did sections a couple times in a row to break up the monotony of doing laps upon laps.  Thus I was able to rack up a bit over 2 hours.  Even needed to turn on the lights!

Today is an off day.  I was planning on going to Brinna's swim meet in Brainerd but Jen has a memorial to attend and I need to get the other kids from their activities, etc.  Parenting.

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