Friday, September 15, 2017


6 hours, 250 oz. of water, lots of sweat, and 107 miles...not a bad afternoon.  It was hot and I thought humid but I was left with a salt stained kit, which usually only happens with high heat.  The wind was strong so maybe that dried me off leaving streaks of white behind.  I've done 6 hour rides where a 100oz. bladder of water is enough.  I drained 2 of those, 2 24oz. bottles, and a Pepsi from Lanto's in French Lake.  I'm still thirsty!

I did do a mix of Dirt Bag routes once again.  I should stray away from the same 'ol thing but I've yet to tire of it, it twists and turns so I'm not battling the wind till the turn for home, and it's just a good route overall.
My iPod died a couple hours into the ride.  It was really nice not having music, contrary to what I would have told you previously.  Just the sound of gravel, wind, and my creaky bike.  It needs some bottom bracket work for sure!  Hopefully this morning so Saturday's ride is quieter.

Jen is at an event this Saturday so I'm on kid detail.  The plan is to get up dark early and start riding to be home before noon.  But I've been known to snooze a time or two.

Happy Weekend.

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