Tuesday, May 29, 2018


We got back home from Grand Marias yesterday early afternoon.  What a temperature shift...40 degrees!  Nonetheless I got out for a quick mountain bike ride and mowed the yard.  I was a wet mess.  Today is another hot one with more potential storms the next couple days.  Which is a bummer as we have trail work needing to get done for the race this weekend.  Wait and see I guess.

The long weekend up the North Shore with the family was great.  It was nice to step away from the end of the school year chaos and just hang out.  Only three days of school left!  Next Monday the two older girls leave for Paris with my mom and their cousin.  So a bit more running around till then.

The Le Grand du Nord race was great once again.  Great roads, great views, and great people.  I'll try and get a mini race report up tomorrow.

Riding the next couple days will be tricky between school stuff, weather, and race prep.  Short rides at the North Loop if the weather allows.

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