Friday, May 14, 2021

Back to Darwin.

 Yesterday I met up with Onyx Jim and headed South, into the wind.  Damn it was windy.  Plus the gravel is getting pretty soft.  No rain, farm traffic, and/or freshly laid gravel.  All this made for some slow speeds at time.  I was on the Cutthroat, which was the right choice for this gravel.

Around two hours in Jim had to cut for home and work.  I pushed on to Darwin.  I stayed to the East of Darwin so I could come at if form the South and continue on home.

Love this bridge.

Trip #4 of the year to the big ball.

I topped off my fluids at the gas station in Darwin and was on my way home with the tailwind.  I needed to be home 2:30-3:00 to have enough time to get Harper form school and to gymnastics by 4:00.  I had some time so instead of heading straight home I took some runs to the West before committing to a homeward route.
The Ride.

Rain is predicted this morning, right around the time I hoped to ride.  I have to bike to work today as well so I may be getting wet.

Sounds like I have another trip to Darwin planned for tomorrow?!  Love me some South winds!


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