Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's Melting!

Yep...even on sub freezing days the snow is melting under the power of the March sun.  I'm so weird and never happy.  I want the snow to go but now that I see the puddles forming on every street corner I'm getting a little sad, what?!  Hope we have a winter like this next year too!

But I'm ready to hit some dry gravel and the mtb trails.  The trails, I'm guessing, won't be ready to late April or even May but in my line of work it will come fast!
Speaking of trails, Bell Helmets is hosting a contest for area mtb trails to win a grant for building more trails/parks, etc.  We have Elm Creek on the list.  All you have to do is vote and Elm Creek could win a big chunk of change for a mtb park.  Only 45 minutes from cloud!  Follow the link:

While the riding this week hasn't been off the charts it has been good and amazingly has put some ease on my mind for Trans Iowa.  Heading out shortly for a long ride...maybe that elusive hundo.  No real plans, just ride and smile.


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chance said...

Thanks Ben! Please get on FB and vote! we need more alternative riding areas in MN!!