Monday, July 08, 2013


Funny how a 4 day holiday weekend can feel like a couple weeks but yet fly by.  Mine was crammed full of stuff.  Here we go.

As previously noted I was up early and on the bike heading north to the in-laws cabin by 5:30 am.  I took a few detours to tack on some more time.
86 miles once completed.  A quick shower and I was in the car to watch the kids in the Hillman parade.  After that it was all lake all day.

Hung out at the cabin not doing much of anything.  A bit before two I made my way home into a vicious headwind.  I zigged and zagged to try to avoid it but I had to face the music sometime and that was brutal.  In Genola I jumped on the ATV trail, Soo Line, and made my way to Hwy 10 where it turns back into tar.  From there I took the trail to Avon and meandered my way home.
100 steamy, windy miles.  I was shot.

Up early once again and on the bike by 5:45.  Casual ride of 51 miles in before work.  I could feel the legs.  It was good to be back at work but that was a long 8 hour shift!

Again up early but not to ride.  I was an on hand mechanic for the Tour of Saints.  I was out in St. Joe set up by 5:45.  The experiences one encounters on these tour rides is a whole additional post!  Around 8:50 I packed up and headed out to another location, for the last stop of the 50 mile route.  Just sitting in the shade I was sweating.  Once wrenching I was dripping all over the bikes!  But there was no wind!  Man I wanted to be riding.  I didn't get home close to 2.  I was shot and the rain solidified I wasn't going to ride.
Got 9 hours of sleep last night!

Great several days.  On to next week.


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