Monday, July 15, 2013


What a weekend.  Brinna's birthday was June 9th but had planned a party with a couple of friends for this past weekend at the in-laws cabin.
Here's a recap:
Friday was spent going the kid's play performances, packing, and getting sometime in at the North Loop.

Saturday was the day to head to the cabin.  We were a bit hesitant as the weather wasn't looking too great.  The cabin is literally two small rooms.  Not enough for 5 kids and 4 adults.  I was up at 5 to ride north but wasn't sure if we were even going yet.  We went and I didn't start pedaling till 10:30.
The ride was fast!  A good tail wind most of the way there.  It was humid too...I was drenched and disgusting when I arrived.  I took the most direct route, clocking in at 60 miles.

Despite being overcast the wind was down and the temp was high.  The kids had a great time in the water, tubing, rope swinging, etc.

Saturday night was rough.  Haper kept us up till 3:30.  Not sure what the deal was.  The kids in the tent wanted Jen or I to sleep with them.  One of us was tyring to get Harper down.  Both Jen and I got something like 4 hours of sleep in.

This made Sunday kind of all blur together.  It did rain a bit but nothing to keep the kids from the water and more tubing.

I wanted to go home bad but hung in there and survived.  I toyed with biking home but stayed for Brinna.

Wanted to get up this morning and ride but knew I needed to catch up on here I am.

Tomorrow Jen and I are going out to celebrate our anniversary (14 years!) no Tuesday Night Ride.

I'll get out sometime!


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