Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Almost Time.

With the Dirt Bag just around the corner, like this Saturday, we figured it a good idea to lay out the route!  So yesterday afternoon Brian and I set off to drive the course checking turns and mileage.  Dang, Brian laid out a great course.  Some truly awesome roads.  There are a couple long paved sections but they too are pretty good/fun roads.  I've also come to like some pavement on the gravel races I do as well.  A nice break both mentally and physically.
Total distance comes in at 88 miles.
Hoping I can ride the course Thursday morning...just need to get going early.

Glad I snuck in a ride at the North Loop yesterday morning before all this rain.  Only a lap but damn nice way to start the day.

Reminder early packet pick-up will be at Revolution this Thursday noon-8.


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