Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Head Games.

Ah head games.  I packed all my gear and loaded my bike into the car in preparation for the TNR, but I wasn't feeling it.  The wind, overcast skies, and cool temps weren't helping either.  To top it off my knee has been really sore, ugh.  The idea of a hard ride just never appealed to me yesterday.  I think it would have just made me crabby!  So the decision was made to not ride and hang out with the family, since I will be home late the next two night.  Of course the skies cleared and the sun laughed at me on my drive home, bringing on the guilt.'s just a ride!

I've decided to to the first MN MTB series race this weekend.  I'm doing the new marathon class, part of the reason I didn't ride.  I have a lot of work to do on my bike and not sure when but I'll get it done!

I'm hitting up some gravel solo tonight.  Lights are charged...just in case.  This I'm excited for!


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