Thursday, September 11, 2014

Soft Gravel and Smiles.

Despite the rain, wind, and cold I went for a ride yesterday morning.  I took the Fargo and headed North and East.  As suspected the gravel was soft and slow going.  But I was riding and having a good time.  Even when my mph dipped to 8 I smiled and pushed on.  I essentially did my Gillman route with a few detours here and there.  Once I was going with the wind I was rewarded but even then I was working since the gravel was so soft in spots.  Ended with almost 4 hours.  The Fargo is in need of a good cleaning!

I started to type something about Fall being my favorite season for many things but one of my least favorite at work...but it started to get too long and boring.  Essentially I love fall and I just have too many things I want to do.  Having to work weekends tosses a monkey wrench into my life.  I stress easily.  I stress about getting too many weekends partially or fully off...doesn't seem fair to others at work that don't want to work every weekend too.  September-November are tough.  So retail goes.
Then next two weekends I'm involved with the Revolution Single Track Escape mountain bike race followed by Metal Cross cx race.  Then Oct 4th is the Heck of the North plus every weekend will have cx races.  Plus I have a family I'd like to hang out with too!  I'm thinking racing is the root of a lot of my stress.  May be time to rethink some of this...or start buying lottery tickets.


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