Thursday, October 09, 2014

A Ride Not To End.

They happen every so often.  Yesterday was on of them.  A day you wish your ride could just keep going and going.  After getting the kids to school, daycare, and school #2 I was home putting bottles on the Colossal, ready to ride North.  I did the Pirate's Cove Road to Rice then proceeded up to Royalton.  Here I had to start my way home, but everything in me wanted to head over to the Swanville/Grey Eagle area and explore the rolling hills.  Man I could have put on the miles yesterday, but as it stands I did turn for home and was home in 3.5 hours.

These cool mornings that lead to brisk, sunny afternoons are my ideal riding conditions.  Last Thursday I had off and it rained...wish I could flip Thursdays!  I have a short day today, till noon, but that sounds like 1 and I am on kid duty so time will be an issue.  No all day rides but hope to hit up Warner for a few laps and barrier practice.

The plan it to race Theo Wirth CX this Sunday.  Till then nothing big is planned.  Hopefully a 2-3 hour ride Friday afternoon or morning with nothing or a spin on Saturday.  Once November rolls around I hope to put more hours in for ITI prep.  I'd still like to get out on the Fat Bike this week but days are dwindling when that may work.  Next week....!


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