Tuesday, October 07, 2014

TNL (Tuesday Night Lights)

Reminder: TNL tonight, 7:30 at the North Loop...couple hours.  Good times.

Monday was a hectic day.  We started the process of switching the store over to winter mode and getting the nordic skis out.  This is always a much bigger process than I remember.  Plus we still have customers and most are in bike mode (myself included) yet.
Then it's gymnastics night too.  Leave work early, pick up the kids, get home, figure out what's for dinner, make dinner, and poof we're going to be late for gymnastics!  I had planned to ride but we've started the thought process of looking for a new van.  Jen found one we wanted to look at so we dropped the kids off and zoomed over to the lot, but it was already gone.  I had Jen drop Harper and I  off at home so I could give her a bath and ready for bed before the big kids got home.  Monday's are just too busy to ride.

So TNL tonight!

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