Friday, March 18, 2016

Failed Ride.

The 9-12 shift yesterday turned into a 8-4 shift, thus my opportunity to ride was lost.  Had it been 60, sunny, and no wind I'd have been bummed.  But since it was mid 30's, overcast, and windy I wasn't too jacked over not riding.  Plus it's better to have work too busy than not busy at all.

Once again there is no time to ride today.  Sure I could have gotten up early to ride the rollers but that just sucks, so off to the gym for a bit.  I have full on kid duty this afternoon.  Guessing that means dinner out and maybe a movie.

Tomorrow we have a ride planned.  Currently we are hoping to get close to a hundred.  Leaving at 9 on gravelish type yeah mixed terrain.  Let me know if interested.  LSD (long slow distance) pace.
If I'm lucky my new bike will be ready for it's maiden voyage.  If not, hopefully Sunday.

Happy Weekend.

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