Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Missed Opportunity.

Yesterday was the first TNR (Tuesday Night Ride) of the year.  Most of us had written it off due to 100% chance of rain that was predicted.  As such I planned accordingly and decided to make it a day off with some core stuff that evening.  But just like winter the storm fell apart and the chance of precip turned to 0%.  What?!  I spent a good part of my afternoon fretting on what to do.  Yeah I know, it's not a big deal and who cares!  Tell my brain that!! 
In the end I stuck to my decision and picked 2 of the 3 kids up from school, made dinner, hung out with the family, did core stuff, and went to bed.  But I'd be lying if I didn't look outside several times longing to be riding!

Turns out 7 riders showed up!  Not bad for March.  Sounds like it was a great time.  Next week I'm in.  Rain or shine...maybe.

Wednesday is hectic in the Doom house so not too sure on my plans.  Winds and snow may push me inside but we'll see.


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