Monday, April 04, 2016

Finsihing Up the Week.

When the family isn't at home it's so much easier for me to get up early.  Yesterday I was up and on the bike (Evergreen) heading south to ride sections of the Dirt Bag course.  I was stoked to finally have a southernly wind.  Although it wouldn't last long, as it changed back to the north in the early afternoon. 
It ended up being one of those rides I didn't want to end.  I so wanted to keep going but work dutied prevailed and I made the turn for home.  It was most likely for the best too.  The past few days I piled on some hours so the legs were feeling it.
I ended with 4.5 hours for a total of 17+ for the week, all in the last four days. 
Off day today.  Hitting the gym this morning for a warm up, stretching, and core stuff.  Currently rain/snow is predicted for TNR.  Hoping not!

Saturday is Ragnorok in Red Wing.  First race of the new season.  More of a solid training ride for me. 

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