Thursday, April 07, 2016

Waiting on June.

Man it's been hard to string a few days of riding together lately.  Last week I was able to get a solid chunk of riding in but it was all stuffed into a few days.  This week is much like last week, not much riding in the first few days.
TNR ended up not happening, mostly due to everyone's disgust with the weather.  Jen also won a pretty big ass award that day so we (the family) went out for dinner.
Wednesay I stayed home with a sick kid till Jen got home.  I then headed into work for the night.
I was able to get an hour mountain bike (my first of the year) ride in at the North Loop.  Much more fun than I expected.  I took my my Salsa Ti Selma single speed.  I didn't ride that bike much, if at all, last year.  I will more this fun!!

Today I have a short day so I plan on getting out after work.  However rain and snow are predicted.  We have a nice layer of snow on the grass and cars now.  Man this Spring teased us 4 weeks ago with that 70 degree day!

Every Spring is the same, I just always seem to forget.  April and May are my hardest months to get riding in.  The weather can be all over the place, work is usually kicking into high gear, and the kids and Jen tend to have more school activities. 

Bring on June!

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