Friday, June 03, 2016

Break Time is Ending.

Since it's been an "off" week of riding the blog too has taken a back seat.  Since racing Saturday I've only found time to ride the bike once, Wednesday morning...2 hours of mountain biking!  I kind of thought this week would take care of itself and would be pretty easy.  Ha!  School finished up yesterday for the girls but there was a lot of running around prior to that.  We started our 10th Anniversary Sale at the shop yesterday too.  Missing work on Monday had me rushing to get everything dialed and ready.  Plus we got slammed with repairs, forcing me out of the office and into the shop.  Man I miss wrenching sometimes. 
I thought about hitting up the group ride last night but the big girls had parties to be at so I needed to help in transportation.  Harper can get left in the dust so Jen and I brought her out to dinner and hung out.  But damn was it nice out!

I do work this weekend but plan on riding from the shop at 6 both mornings.  Time to get back on it.

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