Wednesday, June 08, 2016


I know I've said this many times before but every TNR I'm about ready to fall asleep at the start, 5:30 pm.  Not 20 minutes into the ride and I'm ready to go!  Well moreso my brain, the legs take more time to come around.
We started with 8 riders.  TNR has become more of the death ride for some (acutally all of us at some point) so the numbers are never huge.  I'm ok with that.  ThNR gets upto 30 riders strong however!
It was a NW wind but we essentially ignored that and rode the route we wanted.  For the most part it was an altered version of the "hill route", missing the Alp and Tower but adding in the rollers of the state road course. 
I never felt 100% "on" but I felt good...if that makes sense?!  About halfway through the ride I was feeling good and ready to go...the old legs need sometime to get going...but once going, for the most part, they can keep going.  The hills still seem to hurt more than I like.  More saddle time and less ice cream (I'm a big boy) may help this...but damn do I like my ice cream!  For whatever reason I do ok on Old Shep.  Not that it's ever the goal but I managed to tie the KOM (strava) for the section up the hill, down the hill, and a mile to the Avon town sign.  Love that section.  The climb hurts but the down hill and the rollers to the town sign hurt more.

We ended with a tad over 3 hours and 66 miles.  Heading out soon for a spin before work at 9.
The weather for the Dirty Benjamin (100 mile gravel race) this Saturday is looking a bit toasty!  Last I saw was a heat index over 100!  I'll be a sweating!

The Solstice Century Ride this year will be on June we leave the shop at 4:30...make note.


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