Friday, January 27, 2017

Shake Down Ride.

The overall snow depth is way better than I thought, considering we had a week above freezing and some rain.  Looks like spots in the metro are snowless.  The region for the Arrowhead 135 still have 8-15" of snow!  With the cooler temps they were able to start grooming the trail yesterday.  Couple that with a weekend of snowmobile use and we should have a great trail.  Or so that's my hope!

Yesterday I got out for a 2 hour fat bike ride, pretty much fully loaded.  The conditions around here are not so great.  Lots and lots of ice, some bare sections, and some crusty snow sections.  I did hit the deck once, flat on my chest.  No injuries.

For a long time I've wanted to get all the crap (sleeping bag, etc) off my bars.  I hate not seeing my front tire and with the extra weight the steering is a bit funky.  Many of the Alaskans I've ridden with use a rear rack.  Recently I've seen a few others do just that too.  We just so happen to have a rear rack that would fit my Salsa Mukluk at work.  Which is kind of amazing as the bike requires a pretty specific rack due to it's set up.  So I gave it a shot!
Not the clearest of pictures but you get the idea.  Clean front end with sleeping bag, etc. in back.  Loved it!

Once it's up I will post a link to Track Leaders.  Once again they will be hooking those who are interested with blue dots to follow.  Unfortunately spot trackers is not required by the race directors so not everyone will have one.  There was a big push my many riders to get as many to sign up as possible.  I'm hoping most did.  It makes following along at home so much more interesting for family, friends, and fans.

Happy Weekend.

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