Friday, February 09, 2018

Making Good with a Few Inches of Snow.

Just once I want to have winter that turns where I live purple (18-30")!  But I'm stuck in the light blues (2-4").  Nonetheless it's still fun riding.  Yesterday I hit up the River Bluffs.  I spent a good amount of time there putting in a track.  I also headed down the Mississippi more than I ever have before.  I've always been a bit to scared to venture too far on the ice.  I followed a fox trail for a couple miles before turning around.  I came to a creek I really wanted to explore but it looked a bit to gnarly for me.
After the River Bluffs I headed back to the other side of the Mississippi and scooted around the Beaver Islands some, hit a bit of the North Loop, Friedrich Park, and home.  Good for 4 hours.

I'm excited for tomorrow to wake up without an alarm.  That still means I'll be up before 7 (getting old) but and extra hour feels like gold!

Charlie and I are tentatively planning a Sunday excursion again.  We hope to start at the Mississippi River Park, take the Mississippi to where the Platte drops in, and take the Platte up to the Soo Line.  Depending on time we may only go up 2 hours and turn around or take the Soo Line to the Great River Road and come back on pavement.  Let the adventure begin!

Happy Weekend.

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