Monday, June 11, 2018

Rides and Repairs.

So yeah it's summer and blogging has taken a hit.  I'm either up early to ride or sleeping in!  This past week I had both a great week of riding and a week of bikes needing some work.

The Evergreen, since racing in the rain at La Grand du Nord, has been making some great noises.  After Thursday's ride I took the crank off and fork out to clean the bearings, grease, etc.  It appears I've already gone through the bottom bracket bearings.  It still makes noise and they feel rough.  The Cutthroat needed a new rear tire so I did that on Friday.  Saturday I took it out on a long ride.  I got caught in a few thunderstorms.  The bike was a mess.  I took the crank out yesterday and it too has bad bearings now and needs a new chain.  Friday I also worked a bit on my mountain bike.  That afternoon I took it for a spin.  It was the quietest it's been!  It was one of those rides that everything just clicked.  Then boom!  I must have kicked up a stick into my rear wheel.  It ripped the spoke/nipple clear out of the rim, destroying the rim.  It also snapped the bottom pulley on the rear der.  I had to scooter myself home.  On my ride yesterday the Evergreen was quiet the first half then then the BB started to act up.  I also noticed the face place on my stem is starting the crack.  Man the fleet needs some work!

With the two older girls in Paris, Jen and Harper in WI, I was able to stack on the miles this weekend...160 and 106.  Totaling almost 500 for the week.  This week will be much lower.  The Chequamegon 100 is this coming Saturday.  I have a new rim on order for the mtb so I should be good to go.  I had hoped to have my new hardtail (Seven Solo SL) ready to go but running into issues with that too...of course.

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