Thursday, July 11, 2013


Last year my favorite bike, and most used, was my Salsa Fargo.  However, this year I've only been on it once!  Yesterday made twice.  For whatever reason, maybe the Colossal, I've been on the the road more.  But yesterday morning I tossed my leg over the Fargo and made my way north.

It was kind of weird.  I felt slow, cumbersome, and just not right.  I flipped my Garmin to the map screen to not see the mph, etc.  I just kept riding, enjoying the gravel.  I must have really zoned out, when I flipped the Garmin back to the numbers I was at 60 miles!  Ended with 73 miles and 4+ hours.  I was so comfortable on the ride.  The Fargo did not disappoint.

I'm heading out again today after work and just may have to take the Fargo again!

Ride On!

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