Monday, February 05, 2018

Exploring and some Randomness.

Sunday morning I met Charlie at the Trail Head for the Soo Line Trail.  We took the trail East to Skunk Lake, were dropped onto the lake.  On the NE corner we noticed a little opening and took it.  It was the Platte River.  It was a great little river with all kinds of bends, twists, and turns.  Plus we were making first tracks and the going was good.  We made it to a low bridge at county road 133.  We decided this was a good spot to turn around.

Back on Skunk Lake we made our way over to Rice Lake and again the Platte River.  On this side the Platte is much bigger but still great fun.  This dumps us back on the Soo Line Trail.  On the way back to the cars and start of our ride we discussed taking the Platte all the way to the Mississippi River.  Maybe even do some car shuttling and ride from Charlie's house.  Plans are in the works...maybe this weekend!  I got home and immediately pulled up maps.  I love adventures!
Our ride was about 2 hours 45 minutes I think.
Back home it was some laundry, grocery getting for the week, and off to my folks for dinner and the Super Bowl.
Not a bad weekend at all!

Yeah I've neglected to get my Arrowhead race report up.  It's coming.

We got 3-4" of snow on Saturday.  I was on the fence if I even wanted snow anymore.  But as guessed, once it was coming I was stoked!  Riding Saturday in the snow was so, so good!  Plus fresh tracks on Sunday has me watching the weather for any chance of getting more.  It's like a drug!

Happy Monday.

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