Wednesday, May 12, 2021


 Monday I did get out in the afternoon for a ride.  I was greeted with overcast skis, cool air, and wind.  I was a bit chilly a good portion of the ride.  I could have used a wind vest for sure.  Riding in the afternoon just reaffirmed what I already knew...riding in the morning is soooo much better!  But I was riding and it was good.

Yesterday I was able to get up and out early, started riding around 6.  It was below freezing but sunny and very little wind.  What wind there was was out of the South.  It has been a long time but I got my "mini" Dirt Bag ride in.  This time I was on the Evergreen.

I passed a house with it's sprinklers on.  The blades of grass were all mini icicles!  But the sun has power this time of year and made it feel warmer than it was.  It was a great ride.

Harper gets to go back to school today so I'll head out once she is on the bus.  More South wind means The Silo route.

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