Friday, May 07, 2021

Saddle Time.

 Thursday is an off day from work for me.  More times than not I put in a longer ride.  While I still get a long ride in, recently I've had commitments in the afternoon that had me on a time constraint.  Yesterday I was free!  Well sort of, I still wanted to be home to cook and such.

I usually procrastinate a bit, letting it warm up, but yesterday I was out pedaling the Evergreen by 7:30.  Mostly to get some miles in before the real wind kicked in.  Per our status quo the wind was out of the NW with a bit more West.  I made my way up the River Road to 450th street.  About here the wind was really whipping.  I took 450th to it's end and headed North and West.  I didn't have a real destination in mind, just turn for home at 12:30...about 5 hours in.  

For whatever reason I didn't want to cross hwy 71.  Thus I eventually stuck to a more Northern path.  12:30 came and I made my way for home passing through Browerville, Long Prairie, not quite Grey Eagle to Melrose.  Battling the wind and soft gravel much of the day I opted for the Wobegon and a tailwind for the last stretch. Ahhhh.

The Ride.

All was good on the ride.  No knee pains or other types of pains.  Good motivation as well.  I didn't push it as the avg speed indicates but was more for time in the saddle, which I guess is what I usually do.  I should incorporate some sort of speed into my riding...someday?!

Happy Friday. 

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