Monday, May 17, 2021

Top 10 Wx Weekend.

 The wind on Saturday was all over the place.  Every time I checked the weather app it had a different prediction.  In the end "light and variable" won.  Charlie met up at my house around 8:00 and we were off.  The wind direction was no longer conducive for a ride to Darwin so we switched it up and headed East and North.  

Benton County gravel is still Benton County gravel...chunky and soft.  Once we hit Mille Lacs County it changed.  We crossed Hwy 169 to do some exploring in the Mille Lacs Wildlife Management Area.  Such a great spot.  Too much to explore in one day.  We had a bit of a time constraint so it was back across 169 to home.  

It felt like we had a headwind most of the day.  Nothing bad, as the wind was low, but enough to let you know it was there.  The temperature was perfect.  It really was a great day for riding.

The Ride on the Cutthroat.

Sunday the wind was mostly SE.  Starting out light and picking up though out the day, but nothing bad.  I grabbed the T6 Rando and headed down County Road 8.  I rode the entire stretch of 8 to Becker.  I changed my route a dozen times!  I finally settled in on a route and made a go of it.  

From Becker I headed over to the Sand Dunes.  I proceeded East to County Road 1, which I took into Elk River.  Here I started making my way for home through Monticello, taking 75.  This route was 99% pavement.  I hit a stretch of gravel off of 75, Dirt Bag stuff.  I love gravel but sometimes the paved roads call.
It was another gorgeous day.

The Ride.

The rest of Sunday flew by.  We planted a bunch of plants, watered, cleaned up our alley prairie grasses, had dinner at my folks, and grocery shopped.
I though about taking today off but both Wednesday and Thursday look to have potential rain (which we desperately need).  Fingers crossed we get it!

80 degrees today?!

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