Monday, May 03, 2021

Two days....two different weather patterns.

Finally got some "heat" training in this weekend.  Unbound (Dirty Kanza) is coming up the first weekend in June.  Kansas can and usually is damn hot that time of year.  I'm ok in the heat if I can get acclimated to it.  Not much for that has been happening around here until Saturday.  It was the first ride of the year that I started out with just a jersey, bib shorts, and fingerless gloves!  I'm not sure on the official temp but I'd say 85 degrees.  While not Kansas hot it was hot enough for this guy.

I took the the Cutthroat down county road 8.  After that I made my way West, into the wind.  While not my fastest bike I sure do love the Cutthroat.  It cruises through all the loose gravel and such with ease.  I ended up refueling in Paynesville.  I had already sucked my hydration pack dry.  

On my way from Paynesville to Rosco I found this abandoned railroad.  Kind of rough but fun.

In Rosco I jumped on the Rocori Trail to Coldspring and home. 
The Ride.  Garmin has a high temp!

This was the best I felt on a ride in sometime.  Everything was clicking.  Plus my knee pains have seemed to all but gone away!  

After riding Saturday and doing yard work for a few hours I was a stuffed up boy (allergies) Sunday morning!  Plus it was overcast, much cooler, and a east wind.  After checking the weather and the radar I figured I could stay ahead of the rain and ride around the incoming cell.  Nope, not this time.  About 30 minutes in it started to spit.  About an hour in I had to stop to put my rain jacket on.  30 minutes after that my feet were soaked...ugh.  It rained on me for about half or more of my ride.  I stuck to pavement as to no totally destroy my drivetrain on gravel.  I rode out to the Sherburne Wildlife Refuge.  I had planned to ride the Wildlife Loop but it was raining so I did a loop around the refuge and made my way home.

The Ride.

I'm still deciding on what I will ride this morning.  It's another North wind so leaning towards some mtbing.  Nice and easy.

Happy Monday.

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