Monday, June 07, 2021

Heat Miles.

 Unbound happened this past weekend and I stayed home.  Surprisingly I didn't feel any of the remorse or guilt I thought I would!  I was and still am happy with my decision.  Plus my anxiety is seemingly back in check.  Thanks to all the those the reached out or commented, it means a lot.

While I didn't go to Kansas I did get some solid riding in.  Also got a bunch of heat acclimation riding in as we were warmer than most of the United States!  When I wasn't riding we were outside doing yard work, watering, power washing the house, etc.  I'll be glad when Brinna's Grad Party is done!

Thursday's Ride.

Friday's Ride...#6 to Darwin.

When in Darwin.

After every ride in hot weather this pops up after I save the ride.  What happens when I hit 100%?!

Saturday's Ride.

Full sun all weekend.  90-100 each day.  But dew points ad humidity were in check.

Sunday's Ride.
Ironically this was the best I felt on any of last weeks rides.  
I wanted to keep going.

This popped up in my FB memories from Unbound, then DK, 4 years ago.
Even this didn't give me thoughts of doubt about not going.
But look at that road!  Such good, fun riding.

I tried sleeping in this morning but I woke up around 5:20.  Thinking an easy hour spin on the mountain bike will be a good way to start the week.

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