Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sticking to My Guns.

Races do funny things to me. Mostly, make myself second case my decisions on gear and overall plan of attack. I check out others bikes and gear and wonder if I'm too heavy or missing that key item. I try to size up the other riders and wonder how they will perform. But it really just matters on how I perform.
My goal and gear are going to stand as laid out before I arrived in International Falls.
Slow and steady at first with speeding up, if up to it, after the first check point. Sweat will kill me.

Thanks for all the support.

Out till, hopefully, Tuesday!



Eric said...

I think I'd go with a 40 caliber. you get a little more stopping power than with the 9mm, but more rounds than a 45...


what guns are you sticking to?

best of luck ben!

tman said...

Eric, that there is funny...Ben, those guys are probably looking at you and wondering if they have to change their gear selection and tactics. Stick with the gun ya brung.