Friday, May 28, 2021

From Heat to Brrr.

 It's been awhile but I didn't ride Thursday!  Mostly because we had an all day soaker with temps in the upper 40's but I had some errands to do as well.  This morning we are at a balmy 36 degrees.  I'm pretty meh on riding this morning.  But this afternoon is Brinna's graduation so if I want to ride this is my time.  

Next week at this time I will be in Emporia gearing up for 350 miles of the Flint Hills.  With the race not too far off I shouldn't do any crazy rides but I'd like to get one long one in this weekend.  I put some new tires on the Cutthroat, Teravail Rutland 700x47, for the event.  I'd like to get some rides in on those to wear off the "newness".

Brinna and Avery are done with school.  Harper has her last day today while Jen goes back on Tuesday for one day.  Then early morning rides can start back up!  Hopefully this cold snap is gone by then.

Short and sweet.  Happy Long Weekend.

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