Friday, January 20, 2017

More Rain equals More Down in the Dumps.

Arrowhead course still looking good with 18-24" of snow cover.

Well this map is from yesterday.  I'm guessing it will look very different next week Thursday when the DNR puts out a new one.  Currently it's 34 degrees and lightly raining.  More rain is scheduled tomorrow.  I kid you not if I wasn't tied down with a business, my wife's job, and 3 kids I'd move so fast.  I am so sick of Minnesota winters.  I do not remember when we had a "good" or even "normal" winter.  I'm game for going somewhere where they get and keep their snow or where they don't get snow and 50 is a chilly day.  Aaaaagh!

Nonetheless I meeting some buddies (Charlie and Ted) to ride fat bikes today.  I've convinced them to take on the Arrowhead with me this year!  Excited to see how they like it and if we are still friends afterwards!  In all reality this shitty weather could be the Arrowhead so may as well get acquainted with it.

Initially I arbitrarily set a goal of 20 hours this week.  After today's ride I'm guessing I will have 10-12 in.  Sure I could pound out 8-10 more over the weekend but I'm not going to try.  Saturday is slotted to be an all day drizzle, blah.  Guessing I will take the studded single speed out for a few hours.

Hoping today's ride with buddies brings me back...just not feeling the mojo.  I'm not over trained or need a break from riding.  I'm a tweaker and need more!  But weather, life, and time are a reality.  I just need to deal like everyone else!

Happy Weekend.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Skinny Tires!

Instead of pissing and moaning about the weather (although I'm sure I will still do that) I decided to embrace it.  Yesterday morning it was mid to upper 20's with the temperature set to hit 40.  Plus the sun was out in full force.  So instead of grabbing the fat bike I opted for the studded rain bike.

Not from yesterday's ride but it's the bike.

I headed down county road 8, of course, and meandered a bit in wright county.  I didn't have a ton of time as we had two sick kids yesterday.  Jen stayed home with them but had to run into school for a bit.  I worked at noon and got a bit later start.  No matter I still got 2 hours 15 minutes in.  Even being on a single speed, studded bike it felt so fast!

Riding the fat bike around St. Cloud is usually not a fast (speed) outing.  Lots of single track, bushwhacking, unmaintained trail, etc.  Thus it's hard to get that constant effort in that the open road or snowmobile trails offer.  So despite wanting cooler weather and more snow it sure did fill good to get out on the road.  
Making Lemonade I guess!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Riding the Depression Away.

I was close to not riding yesterday.  Work was slow, the temperature was high, and the streets on the way home were a mess...all of which amped up my anxiety/depression.
Jen had to go pick up the kids are her Grandmas in Little Falls.  I was pretty close to tagging along but decided I better force myself out for a ride or face the downward spiral of depression.

I took cleaner looking side streets to sidewalks and made my way down to Sand Prairie.  I ride there a lot in the winter.  I have never seen anyone else ride there, kind of my secret spot I guess.  It does get tons of walkers with their dogs so a path has been beaten in.  I made some of my own tracks in the far SE corner that not many walkers make it to.  I jumped on the swap and rode the perimeter pounding through drifts almost axle deep.
It was nothing crazy, just 2 hours, but damn that was good for the attitude.  Just what the doctor ordered!

We have two sick kids today.  Jen is staying home.  I work at noon and may try to sneak a ride in.  Depends when Jen gets back.  She has to run into school and get some things setup for the substitute.  Gone are the days of popping in a movie I guess!
It's slotted to reach the upper 30's and sunny.  It will feel awesome but at the same time it will make our already shrinking snow pack vanish more quickly.  The plan is to take out the studded rain bike.  It's been awhile since I've been on anything besides a fat bike.

Happy Hump Day.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Blahs Have Hit.

I've struggled finding my routine since getting back from the Fat Pursuit.  Actually I'd say I've been out of my routine since my pre holiday sickness.  I'm sure if I'd look back in this blog I'd find the same complaint, happens every year, I just don't get any better at excepting it!

Saturday I did get out for a great ride.  I hit up the Wobegon Trail, starting in St. Joseph.  The condition were perfect and reminded me how much I miss being able to ride on snowmobile trails.  Even though it was a there and back I loved it.  4 hours.
Later that afternoon Jen and I headed to the cities to meet up with the girls and the rest of the extended Doom family for a get together.

Sunday morning we decided to stay down one more day and hang with my sister and her family.
Monday we made our way back home with the required stop at Trader Joe's.  Unpacking and putting crap away took longer than anticipated.  I did manage to get out for a ride at the North Loop.  That trail is running so good right now!
I circled back home and picked up Jen for a short spin.  I wanted to take her to the North Loop but we were short on time so we hit up Freidrich Park.  It's not bad just short and choppy from all the foot traffic.

Hoping for another 2 hour ride this evening.  Between not having a routine and above average (snow melting) temperatures I'm a bit depressed.  Just gotta stick with it.  The Arrowhead 135 is in 2 weeks.  After that let it turn 50 and sunny!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Snow Depth for MN.

Forgot to add this in to the previous post.  MN is looking good for snow, specifically International Falls for the Arrowhead 135!  The Light purple is 18-24".  Here in St. Cloud we are in the 8-12" range.  I'm bumming a bit about next weekends temperatures...pushing 40's.  Prepare for a sloppy mess I guess.  What a schizophrenic state, ugh.

Happy Weekend.

No Race Report Yet.

Since I've been back from Idaho it's been a bit of a whirlwind.  Nothing crazy just life and catch up stuff.  Jumping back into my routine has been a bit of a struggle too.
I did get out for a short (1.5 hours) ride on the fat bike yesterday.  The new snow has made the need for studded tires not as necessary.  The North Loop is running great.  Speaking of the North Loop and fat biking we, the MMCC (Mid MN Cycling Club) just purchased as Snow Dog and have an attachment on the way too.  Sounds like someone might run it through the North Loop tonight!

We have and extended Doom family gathering this weekend in the cities.  I should be able to get rides in Friday and Saturday before heading down.  Hoping for a big week next week and then an easy week leading up to the Arrowhead!

Tomorrow morning the DK200 registration opens up.  Tossing my name into this one once again.  It's a good event.  This time some buddies are coming with so should be a great time.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Home!  I pulled in the driveway last night around 8:30.  Man that's a long drive, even if done in two days.  Lots of unpacking, organizing, laundry, etc to do.  I hope to get a race report up soon, just not today.
Stoked to see we got some snow in MN and it's snowing currently!  I may need to squeeze a ride in before work at noon.  It always takes a day or two to find my routine but I'm ready.

Back at it.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Fat Pursuit or Bust!

Alright it's go time!  I'm on kid duty this morning but once that is complete I'm heading to Northfield to pick up my traveling buddy, Christopher, and we are off to the Fat Pursuit!
I won't know if I'm "ready" or not till Friday at 5 pm when the race starts.  What's done is done, it's time to have fun and enjoy the ride.

Trackleaders will once again be providing race updates.  Follow along here if interested.

Gotta go!