Thursday, August 17, 2017


On or off has been the theme for rain this summer.  We are either in a long dry spell or we'll have a week or two of on and off rain, like now.  Yesterday we were to have a wash out but it really didn't start to later in the afternoon/evening.  I got home from work a bit after 5.  It was pea soup thick outside but really no falling moisture.  The hour by hour forecast hinted it would start in an hour or more.  That's all I needed.  I kitted up, aired up the road bike, and headed out for a quick spin.  I got an hour in with a some rain but not much.  It was nice to spin the legs and not be out for a few hours either.

Back at home I plopped in front of the computer and worked on house inventory.  Out of 48 notebook pages I only have 6 left!  We do have other notebooks but this one has a lot of rooms in it.  I still have to enter the contents into State Farm's database system but I'm thinking (and hoping) that will be much faster than looking up retail prices for each individual item.  The end is now visible!

I'm off today with more inventory on the agenda, as well as a ride.  I wanted to get up early and get a solid ride in but it hasn't stopped raining since early evening yesterday!  It looks as if around noon it should let up but then the winds kick in.  Oh well, I will ride and like it!  I'm still planning on some gravel to the NW (into the wind).  I'm sure it will be soft and slow.  It's about the time not the speed or distance, although I do still get caught up in that.

Beaver Island Brewing, Bravo Burrito, Fitzharris Bike and Sport, and Revolution Cycle and Ski are once again hosting Bike, Beer, Burritos this evening.  Meet up at Beaver Island at 5 and rollout out for a leisurely ride.  At the end enjoy a burrito and a beer (or soda).  Good times.  The plan is for Jen and I to attend.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hitting the Hero Gravel.

I wan't able to ride Monday due to Gymnastics and with rain predicted all day today into Thursday I really wanted to ride on Tuesday.  Well, in the morning, as the day wore on my desire to ride seemed to diminish.  Which is typical for me.  I'd much rather ride in the mornings.

I forced myself out knowing I'd regret it later if I didn't. I also knew that an hour into the ride I'd most likely be stoked I was there...yep!

I took the Evergreen, loaded with lights just in case, and headed for the Dirt Bag route.  The wind was low and the gravel was of the hero type.  I felt so good on the gravel.  I contemplated taking the most recent Dirt Bag route but opted for more of the "original" version.  The newer route would have sent me much further South and really amped up the time commitment.   As it was I ended with 4.5 hours and 83 miles.  I did need the lights!  I got home around 10 or so.  Night riding is so fun!  The downside is I am unable to go right to bed so I was up till almost midnight, which is late for me.

I'm hoping for another good ride on Thursday but now the rain seems to be sneaking into Thursday as well.  I'm sure it'll change several times over.

Last night after the ride I signed up for the Tuscobia 160 (December 29th) and the Spotted Horse Ultra 200 (October 7th).  I think signing up for races after a great ride is like signing up for races drunk!

Monday, August 14, 2017


I had a short day at work on Thursday and off Friday through Sunday.  Our hope was to take a quick trip up the North Shore and back down to Pine City on Saturday to celebrate Jen's Grandama's 90th Birthday.  But life happened.  I worked longer than planned and we really needed to get some house stuff done, namely finishing up our inventory...such a tedious process.

Thursday afternoon/evening Jen and I did take the tandem over to Beaver Island Brewery for their Beer. Bikes. Burritos. Ride.  Super casual and lots of fun.  Every Thursday the month of August.

Friday I don't really remember what I/we did!  I know I sat in front of the computer most of the day doing inventory.  I got a ton done, but much more to do.  Jen and I did meet with the cabinet makers to finalize some loose ends.  I skipped any kind of ride for more inventory.

Saturday I was out on the bike a bit before 8 headed to Pine City for the 90th Birthday.  I had a friend make a route that kept me off major roads.  I like following a GPS map on rides.  Not much to think about, in regards to direction, other than turn when told to.  For whatever reason this really makes the ride go by much faster.  He tried to send me through the Sherburne Wildlife Refuge but the roads were closed to any kind of traffic.  I know that area well so rerouted around and back on the scheduled route.  I ended with 102 miles on the Evergreen.

While riding I received a text from Jen, "car trouble, call me"...great!  The van had all kinds of warnings going on.  The dealership said she should bring it in.  Got her a loaner and sent them on the way.  This just set them back a couple hours so I spent part of the time at the cabin strutting around in my bike kit.

Sunday I wasn't really planning on biking home but the rack was on the van and the loaner was a CRV so no inside room.  I left around 11 and thought I'd try to take a more direct route to lessen the distance and hopefully miss the incoming rain.  Fail on both accounts!  I hit rain about an hour into the ride, which lasted 30-45 minutes.  The total mileage was 101, so maybe a bit more direct!  I got home just in time as it started to rain and lasted most of the night.

15.5 ride hours on the week.  A bit more than I wanted but still less than average.  I'm a bit up in the air on this week for riding.  School swim practice starts for Brinna and Harper has Spanish Immersion School Summer Camp plus lots of inventory.  Go with the flow!

Happy Week!

Thursday, August 10, 2017


To Spotted Horse Ultra 200 or not?

Tuscobia 160, Fat Pursuit, Arrowhead?

I've got some decisions to make!

My hopes of doing the Gravel Pursuit (on much of the Fat Pursuit route) have been put on hold.  Being gone 4-5 days that time of year will be tricky with school having just started (all 3 kids at new schools) but also it appears our house stuff may be full speed ahead around that time.  Plus I have a cousin getting married and Jen has a Great Uncle participating in an event at a Twins game.  Maybe next year.

So many events and just not enough time!

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Chill Week.

We met with the contractors working on our house yesterday afternoon.  It went way better than the previous meeting!  Onward.
Because the meeting was a success I decided on a mountain bike ride.  I did the River Bluffs and Plum Creek and parts of the Talahi Woods.  A bit over 1.5 hours.
I'm off till noon this morning.  I thought about a short road ride but I'm feeling rather blah about that. Rain is scheduled to move in shortly so I'm guessing I'll stay close to home and hit up the North Loop.  Or...I may just pour another cup of coffee and chill.  Easy Peasy Week.  Of course I already feel bloated, lethargic, and out of shape.  Nut Job I tell you!

Hump Day already.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Fast, Little Update.

Sheesh, blogging has taken a back seat lately.  Between work, preparing for The DAMn, and ongoing house crap I've been a bit tied up.  Plus I haven't been in the "mood" to blog much either.

The DAMn was amazing.  Ironic how the events you actually loathe going to end up being some of the best!  I may try to get a full on race report up later this week but for not the super short version.

The race took me 13 hours, 18.5 mph average, to cover 240 miles.  Only 2% of the roads were not gravel, amazing.  Starting at Midnight was way more fun than I would have ever guessed.  I ended up 3rd, very happy with that.

See...super short!

This may just be an off week.  Between lots of school stuff, house stuff, work, 90th birthday parties, and hopefully a quick vacation there isn't a lot of time.  The legs are tired after The DAMn so some rest will do me good.
If I am able to ride it will most likely be short mountain bike spins.


Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Case of the Blahs.

As The DAMn Race nears I find myself overcome with a case of the blahs.  And don't jump in and say I'm burnt out.  There is nothing I'd rather do than go for long rides, but racing on the other hand has become less and less desirable for me.  I'm sure once we start I'll have mostly fun and oddly enough I keep finding races that I want to sign up for.  I'm an odd one for sure!  Maybe it's just The DAMn I'm having these feelings about as the logistics for this race kind of suck.  It really puts Jen out there: getting me to Gary, SD, running a support vehicle to designated checkpoints we don't know where yet as we might cheat if we did?, and picking me up in Hagar City, WI.  What a cluster.  Oh yeah and the race starts at midnight...real convenient!

Nonetheless the race looms and is getting closer, 4 days out.  Having a lot of miles on my legs I'm taking this week pretty easy (maybe another reason I'm down on racing!).  I did get out for a 2 hour mountain bike ride yesterday evening...Sand Prairie, North Loop, and Friedrich Park.  Maybe if it was a mountain bike race coming up I'd be more stoked.  So much fun!

I do have some prep work to do on the Evergreen.  Not much, just a quick run through, remove the aero bars, and install the cue card holder (blah, cue cards suck).  I'll shoot for getting that done tonight and maybe a grocery store run for the race as well.  No TNR or any riding for me tonight.  Bummer as the TNR is doing a gravel edition, ugh.